Give Your Garage A Whole New Look

Get concrete coating services for a gorgeous garage floor in Waukesha, WI

When you think concrete, what comes to mind? Dull, gray and plain? That doesn't have to be the case with Complete Construction Services. We'll take your simple concrete floor and turn it into a work of art with epoxy and urethane concrete coating services. We'll bring your floors to life and add a dash of color to your space.

Call now to arrange for concrete resurfacing services that are guaranteed to give your floors a more dynamic look in Waukesha, WI.

Concrete doesn't have to be boring

Concrete doesn't have to be boring

Believe it or not, your concrete floor could be shiny, colorful and beautiful. Our concrete resurfacing process involves:

  • Tearing out the old concrete and pouring a new floor
  • Applying a urethane, epoxy or cement coating
  • Staining, dying or polishing the new floor surface
The beauty of our concrete coating services is that you get to customize the floor to match your style. Unique colors and designs make each floor unique. Schedule an appointment in Waukesha, WI today to get a low-maintenance, durable concrete floor.

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